“Consistency is key.” -unknown

con·sist·en·cy/kənˈsistənsē/ -noun (conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.

I’ve been told this above phrase a lot in my life.  Like a lot a lot.  I struggle with ADHD (not an excuse, just a diagnosis and I don’t require sympathy for it, trust me), so consistency comes hard for me at times and with a bit more of a struggle then your regular average Jane.  So if you’re looking for a consistent, boring photographer or artist or human being…please look elsewhere.  I am not that gal.  

Here is what I’m consistently consistent about (no matter what):

* talking like a hurricane (if I trust you.  If I don’t, I’m quiet)

* being random AF (my mind moves fasssst.  Like super fast.  Try to keep up if you can.  See above–ADHD…this is both a blessing and a curse)

* loyalty- being your friend (I’m loyal to a fault, sometimes to my own detriment)

*truth -  I will tell you the truth as kindly as I can even if it hurts sometimes, and if it hurts it means it hit a chord

*loving  and seeking out the magic in life

*gratitude (I’ve almost died about 5 times in my life.  After that, you don’t take things lightly!  But those are stories for another day/novel.)

*loving the arts

*making music

*making art

*growth (especially spiritual growth…i am committed to growth, no matter how small or big…always have been.  No other way to evolve)

*not taking it personally, unless you meant it that way. (and as an empath, I will know if you did, whether I said so or not)

*advocating for those who can not advocate for themselves 

* willingness to learn and being open-minded

Here’s what I’m not consistent at:

* jealousy

* inauthenticity

* copying other people

* staying true to one hair color for longer than a year

* bitching/complaining (vent it to someone you trust, then let it the FUCK go!)

* putting people down

* staying stagnant or staying in the same place for too long (physical or metaphysical)

* backstabbing (don’t do it.  Stopped that shit when I was 20, both in business and my personal life)

* narcissism or people who crave attention for attention’s sake  (It’s 2020 and social media is a big thing—kinda inescapable, especially if you own a business, so it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes on this one for me.  There is good attention and bad attention as well.)

* knowing my worth (sometimes I forget what I’m worth.  I have been working on this and I suggest you do the same!)

* giving up on people

* giving up on coffee

* giving up smoking cigarettes (it’s disgusting and I hate it.  Any help you can offer is most appreciated, but ultimately, I think its all in my head, as is anything)

* giving up.

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