1. Nosedive Cafe

    05 Jun 2020
    Nosedive Cafe or Instant Karma: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! image courtesy Black Mirror, Netflix “Lions and tigers used to be kings of the jungle & then one day they wound up in zoos – I suspect we’re on the same track.”– Josh Harris, We Live in Public

  2. la première méthode

    03 Jun 2020
    The first method is action.  Action is thought put in motion.  You can take action in so many ways.  There are a great deal of things one can do to support the BLM movement and other people you care about in your community, other than handing over fistfuls of…

  3. This Maelstrom

    01 Jun 2020
    Maelstrom-noun a powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river.  Similar words: whirlpool, vortex, eddy, swirl, .a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil.  Similar words : turbulence, tumult, turmoil, uproar, commotion, disorderI am writing this because I’ve been speaking with so many friends, acquaintances and…

  4. 8 Books That Changed My View of The World

    25 May 2020
    8 Books That Shaped Me: 1) She’s Come Undone, Wally Lamb Best quote: “Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love.” -Delores Price (narrator) Plot: ”She’s Come Undone is a deeply affecting novel that centers around one of the most extraordinary characters in recent American fiction: wisecracking,…

  5. Class of 2020: Senior Portrait Giveaway

    15 May 2020
    Here for the GIVEAWAY? TO ENTER CLICK HERE :) To see former senior sessions click HERE Questions? Click here.

  6. Snow Twirling at the William Penn {{with Ashley from Day of}}

    28 Apr 2020
    Ashley won a portrait shoot with me as part of a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, so graciously hosted by local wedding planner Melissa Crawford of Devoted to You Events.  Ashley herself is a wedding planner at Day of Pittsburgh, so she was on point with attention to detail and…

  7. jon

    28 Apr 2020
    For sale in Paint Shop.  

  8. Kata Banko Couture

    30 Sep 2019
    One of the perks of being a photographer is the styled shoots with various people and companies…it’s honestly so much fun collaborating and showing off the creativity, craft and hard work of other artists and designers.  It’s often one of those little nooks where the magic just happens and various…

  9. Dear Brides and Grooms to Be…

    08 Apr 2019
    copyright kmp Dear Brides- and Grooms-to-Be, Wedding planning can be difficult!   People rarely tell you this when you’re daydreaming about your “big day” or busy falling in love with the partner of your dreams.  The pressure of picking flowers, venues, invites, times, people, shoes, linens, favors, (and the list goes…

  10. Spring 2019 Mini Dates

    04 Apr 2019
    contact for details, copyright kmp Get ‘em while they’re hot at $175 a pop!  Select dates.  Contact to book. xx km Pittsburgh spring minis, Washington PA spring photographer, spring minis, Kristen Miller Photography, spring pictures, Easter pictures, Pittsburgh photographer, KMP

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