This Maelstrom


  • a powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river.  Similar words: whirlpool, vortex, eddy, swirl, .a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil.  Similar words : turbulence, tumult, turmoil, uproar, commotion, disorder

  • I am writing this because I’ve been speaking with so many friends,
    acquaintances and family members who are stressed out, flat out
    depressed, outraged and physically sick from what has been going on
    in the world as of late, especially in America (I only say America,
    because I am American and this is the lens through with I view the
    world, though not ethnocentrically). #thisIsAmerica

    With the access to smartphones and the internet, our world has shrunk
    exponentially in the past few decades. Tech is on the rise and people
    are able to view horrors and atrocities within seconds that were once
    only reported locally and swept under the rug in small towns and
    cities all over the world after months, years, decades and read about in history books.  We can see the blood, we can feel the tears and the pleas.  Reading or hearing a song about a lynching in the South in 1800-and something doesn’t quite hit home the same way as watching a black man being asphyxiated for an alleged forgery,  on video made on a cell phone or bodycam yesterday, and uploaded seconds ago.  It doesn’t hit home the same way to know that the ERA ratification wasn’t that long ago.  Nor was segregation.  It hits home when we see a woman we love (or are a woman) being treated differently, paid differently because of her gender.  When we see a black man who was our neighbor denied education.  

    We, the
    , are more educated and know that we have a voice, we
    have rights. And this doesn’t always sit well with some people. It
    downright scares them. When the people you’ve been oppressing begin
    to wake up and see certain systems the way they truly are, this
    threatens said system. This threatens the order. And without proper
    order, we often see chaos.

    Chaos can come in many disguises. It comes cloaked in forms of violence, self-abuse,
    self-medication, depression, terror. But it comes. It expresses
    itself, because chaos leads to new order. When I say “new order”
    I am not referring to the propaganda, or the conspiracy of New World
    Order that floats in the depths of the dark web–a totalitarian
    government where we live in police states and dystopian agendas
    plague every sector of our lives. (Re: the Handmaids Tale, 1984,
    Brave New World, The Hunger Games)

    I am talking about the chaos that is the storm, the tornado, the
    tsunami which often needs to happen for us to appreciate the
    proverbial sunny, cloudless days. These waves, these gusts of wind,
    these maelstroms have silver linings, if we allow them to. We can
    learn from them and take action, allow them to make us better
    people,  who have a deeper understanding of a topic we
    previously had no knowledge on. And it’s ok to say “I don’t know
    about that. How can I help? Tell me about this. Educate me.” There
    is no shame in that. Quite the opposite, this is the thinking aligned
    with the greater minds, philosophers and philanthropists of our times.

    So in this next month of June, I’m dropping little posts about what has
    been helping me, personally, deal with the pandemonium that’s slowly
    been encroaching on humanity. Stay tuned for ways to help (yourself
    and others).  Because there are a lot.

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